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North Branch Park, Montpelier (mountain biking)

Opening date (for mountain biking on dirt) of Memorial Day, but may open sooner due to dry conditions. 

During the summer of 2005, collaboration between MAMBA and the Montpelier Parks Department led to the construction of the first mountain bike trail (Barred Owl Boulevard) in the North Branch Park. As of Fall 2020 – the North Branch Trails Initiative has added added 4 miles of new trails and upgraded 2 miles of existing trail – all to be usable by mountain bikes, fat-bikers, walkers and skiers!

Other trails within North Branch Park, are off limits to bikers.  Please respect other users by not riding these trails and avoid riding during wet conditions.


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North Branch Park, Montpelier (fat biking)

We have successfully worked with the Parks Commission for permission to open trails for fat biking again for the 2020-21 winter season. Please note that currently Fat Biking is only allowed on designated trails in North Branch Park and Hubbard Park.

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Irish Hill, Berlin

Open May 15th (Berlin Town Forest property) and May 31 for Boyer State Forest to November 1.

A completely MAMBA-built trail network on Irish Hill above Berlin Pond Reservoir in Berlin.

NOTE: If the traihead parking lot is full, PLEASE do not park on the road. Park at Berlin Pond instead and ride to the trailhead.

Driving directions: Take Berlin St up from Montpelier and continue straight past the left turn for the hospital. Crosses VT 62 past Town and Country Honda and the Shaw’s Plaza. Take a right on Town Clerk Rd, go under the Interstate, then take a left on Paine Turnpike. Bear right to go around the right side of the pond (Brookfield Rd.). Road climbs and then bends sharply to left. Continue straight to the parking area about 1 mile up on the right. Trails begin on the right side of the ORV road (Darling Rd).

Note: This is the only trail on Irish Hill which MAMBA is involved with. Please do not ride any unapproved trails, and absolutely DO NOT build new trails without checking with MAMBA first. We’ve been working for many years to secure permission to build trail on State, Berlin, Montpelier, and private land on Irish Hill. Any unauthorized building/riding might destroy all of that work.

Those looking to build new, authorized trail, contact us, we will set you up with a great project!

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East Montpelier Trails, East Montpelier

East Montpelier Trails, Inc. has secured trail easements and built some very nice singletrack just a few miles northeast of Montpelier.

The East Montpelier Trails network allows mountain biking (see exception below), but is primarily a walking/hiking system. If you ride there, please make every effort to share the trail in a responsible manner. Respect the fact that many people walk these trails for their silence and solitude. The trails in this network which allow bikes (see map) are open to wheeled travel from June 1 – November 1. The most recent version of the East Montpelier Trails map can be found on East Montpelier Trails Inc.’s website.

Please note that the section between Center Road and Templeton Road (#2 on the map) is currently CLOSED to mountain biking at the landowners’ request. We hope to work with the landowners to arrive at a compromise, but for now we must respect their wishes. It is within their rights in the trail easement to restrict certain uses (biking) if they are deemed to cause a problem. Please DO NOT ride this section. Use Center and Templeton roads to connect around it. If you have questions about this situation, contact Thanks.